Happy St Patrick’s Day

Flight of the Bumblebee
Flight of the Bumblebee

So much for sharing all the creativity. They do say that green is not a creative colour. Maybe all the shamrock is putting me off. Anyway, I did promise (myself) you that I would post poetry here and being worse for wear after a Paddy’s Eve of drinking seems like the perfect opportunity. Seeing as things are blooming that bit more as we’re supposedly in mid-Spring, I said I’d share my little poem about bees. I was inspired to write it after listening to  entomologist talking about them on a buzzing radio in work a while ago.

Bee Lines

life is a terse bustle
for a sweet sinking missile
no looking back – just tomato blossom,
anther; heather feather; hither-dither;
vibrate flight muscles to
middle “C” please, captain!
let us tune the nectar:

symphony of honey find your wings,
fly the hive, feed our young on royal plenty –
we are the bringer of beginnings,
flirtatious with flowers, happy with our honeys,
catalyst of seeds – the gentle centre of
a daisy chain to future foods

so sweet, so delicate: clover, alfalfa,
forget-me-not, your little fussing friend –
I was the porcelain of a fine afternoon bite…
tea, nibbles, the unforgettable buzz of it all –
contaminated to clean, clean;
how ordered, a human has been here

their stinger is deep, it pierces all –
where have the fresh cut flowers gone,
straight from your wild garden?
all is a brown bloomless lawn

Happy St Patrick’s Day

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